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Sending a PR to manjaro gitlab from github

At the moment, our Gitlab instance does not allow users to fork projects. Unfortunately, this has created some issues with contributions. However, as a workaround to help address this until we can find a better solution. We greatly appreciate anyone who wants to contribute, but please note that our server resources and developer time are limited, so we need to be cautious about spam and fake accounts.

If you contribute frequently and are trusted by the team, we may be able to provide fork access in the future. In the meantime, this method works well for pull requests.

Before you clone the repository and make any changes, please discuss the changes you want to make in an issue. Once your changes are accepted, you can create a new repository under your Github account.

Importing a repository

Screenshot from 2022-09-08 16-30-31

On the very top chose import a repository.

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Head to and copy paste the address in URL field and click begin import, it should take a few minutes depending of the repository size.

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After that is done, all you need to do is open a new branch on Github and make your changes, on the issue on you opened on Manjaro Gitlab link the branch with your code, a developer can then simply pull that branch to Gitlab and test the code.