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Burning a image on Windows using etcher

Belena Etcher is a recommended software for burning ISO images on Windows machines, as it allows for a semi-automated process of writing a Manjaro image. To get started, visit the Etcher website and download the Windows client. Once the download is complete, proceed with the installation on your machine. Be sure to plug in your USB pen drive before launching the application.

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Once you have installed Belena Etcher and plugged in your USB drive, select "Install from URL" and proceed to your preferred web browser. Navigate to and select the edition you would like to download. Look for the USB symbol and copy the download link associated with it. Return to Etcher and paste the link into the appropriate field to begin the writing process.

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Under Etcher, select your USB drive as the target destination, and then click "Flash" to begin the writing process. Wait patiently for a few minutes until the process is complete. Once the process is finished, select "Safely unplug drive" and remove the USB drive from your computer. The process is straightforward, and you can now plug your USB drive into any machine and trigger the boot process.