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Effectively using the forum to get support

What is the forum for

The Forum is a community-driven platform where users volunteer to help each other and share their knowledge. Although response times are usually good, it's important to note that receiving an answer is never guaranteed and depends on the quality of your question.

Be respectful

Being courteous and respectful towards others is crucial in getting your issue resolved. Remember to be patient with both yourself and others, and to ask the right questions. If you're unsure where to start, head to the non-technical section.

Provide detailed information

Simply stating that something isn't working without providing any additional information, or asking for a solution without putting in any effort yourself, is unlikely to be productive. It's important to keep in mind that the community volunteers are not paid professionals and the forum is not a commercial support service. Additionally, Manjaro has no control over the quality of the answers provided.

Use the search

To get started, try using the search function to see if someone has already experienced the same issue. If not, create a post that clearly states what application isn't working and ask for help in providing any necessary error output or additional information.

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It's important to note that the forum is run by community volunteers and is not a ticket system with paid employees, and therefore private messaging other users, moderators, developers, maintainers, or any Manjaro team member is not appropriate. The forum is designed to be a collaborative platform where users can share their knowledge and help each other, and private messages can detract from that communal spirit. If you need assistance, please post your question or concern in a public forum thread.

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