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Effectively using the forum to get support

The Forum is a place were community users volunteer to help other users and share knowledge, the response time is usually good, however an answer is never guaranteed and always depends of the quality of your question.

Being nice and respecting others is one of the factors that will help you having your issue fixed, so be patient with yourself and others and ask the right questions.

If you don't know were to start head to non technical section.

Saying that something does not work without providing output, or that you don't want to spend time reading some documentation and only want a solution is not going to take you far, as the community volunteers are not paid workers and the forum is not to be used as a commercial support service. Having said that manjaro has no control over the quality of the answers.

The best way to get started is to use the search function and search if anyone already had the same issue, if not then open a post stating what application is not working, if you don't know how to produce error output then ask how can you provide more information.

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You need to provide your application name/version, what Manjaro branch you are using, desktop environment and kernel you are running at a minimum.

You should not privately message other Users, Moderators, Developers, Maintainers or any Manjaro Team Member or forum users looking for one on one support as the forum is not a support shop.