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Using website search and search query language

The website search has multiple providers and aggregates all Manjaro data in one convenient place for searching. We can use simple queries to get more specific search results or even install any package format directly from the search.

  • The OR operator will combine 2 search terms:
  • Example: "mirrors OR pamac"

  • The AND operator will chose a search provider
  • Example: "pamac AND package"
  • Options: package, packages, snap, flatpak, appimage, wiki, forum, page, git
  • There is a difference between "package" and "packages", while "package" will display only native packages, "packages" will display all package formats

  • The NOT operator will search for a term and negate the second term
  • Example: "pacman NOT mirrors"

  • Combining operators:
  • Example: "screen AND forum wiki NOT black"